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1 GDR = $0.8
We today
Our company has 3 licenses for gold mining. These deposits have total indicated stocks of 415K ounces (13 tons) of gold.
Lysogorsoky deposit is the underground mine, on which 80K ounces (2,5 tons) of gold have been already extracted.
Seybinsky deposit is developed quarry (ore on surface) with 175K ounces (5,5 tons) indicated stocks of gold.
Kuturchinsky square is 71 perspective object. Indigenous and alluvial gold were found there. It has total inferred reserves - 2,9M ounces (90 tons) of gold.
All objects are not far from each other. They are in the area with developed infrastructure and convenient transport logistics.
$25M has already been invested in project.
After purchase the price of GDR is equal to the price of gold
Current price USD/oz
Use of Golden Resource
Buyback in 2019 for market price
Exchange for stocks of company
Gold coins
Exchange for collection coins
Full range of services in mining industry, etc
Exchange for mining equipment, etc
Exchange for jewelry
Distribution of GDR
Structure of expenses of Golden Resources
Structure of capital investments in Lysogorsky project
Road map
1 quarter 2018
Development of technical platform
Beginning of works on object
2 quarter 2018
Connection of partners to GDR
Payment with partners in GDR
Extracting gold
3 quarter 2019
Beginning buyback of GDR
Our planned
Exploitation others and new deposits
Exchange GDR for stocks company
Exchange GDR for fiat
Heating of mine working by means of a cryptocurrency mining farm
Our partners
We have formed great base of partners for 25 year.
Our team consists of professionals. They have a lot of experience in solving technical and economic problems.These people are successful. They created business. It has worked and brought income yet.
Vadim Nikolaichuk
President of company
  • Academician of Russian Engineering Academy and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
  • Director of mine «Zapolyarny», «Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Plant». (1987-1989);
  • Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union (1989-1992);
  • ·He heads the group of the private companies in mining business successfully more than 25 years. Their activity has allowed to increase the capital of shareholders in tens of times, has developed objects from a geological exploration stage to an extracting stage.
Natalia Selezneyova
Executive director
She has work experience in private companies in mining business more than 20 years.
She is Responsible for financial planning and the economic analysis. And controls execution of tasks of the company.
Sergey Konopelko
Chief executive
Candidate of Technical Sciences. He worked in a number of existing mining projects of Russian Federation. He is responsible for organization and planning of activity of company and operational management of processes.
Viktoria Arkharova
Financial director
She graduated from MSTU of Bauman. She has work experience in private companies in mining business more than 15 years. She is responsible for cash flows, mutual settlements financial analytics, financial modeling and planning.
Advisors and experts
Advisers and experts in our work on the project are the leading experts of the industry
Gerold Apazov
Mining engineer. More than 40 years he worked at the mining and metallurgical enterprises of the Ministry of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy: the director of the Komsomolsky mine, the chief engineer of the mining department of the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the first deputy chief - the chief engineer of the All-Union Production Association Soyuzvolfram, the deputy chief of the Main Production Department of the Ministry of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy USSR, chief engineer, director for production and technical issues of the joint Russian-Mongolian enterprise Erdenet).
Artem Romanchenko
General Director of LLC "EMC-Mining". Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty of "mineral processing". Author of 15 scientific articles and 12 publications, 1 patent for invention. He has been working in the mining industry for 23 years in the leading engineering companies of Russia. The scope of activities includes: development of GOK projects, technological regulations, feasibility study of field development; organization and implementation of construction, installation and commissioning works for concentrating equipment, adjustment of technological schemes of gold recovery plants; support of geological exploration work. Directly participated in the development of technology, design, supply of equipment and the launch of more than 20 concentrating mills.
Yury Galchenko
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Leading Researcher of the Institute of Problems of Integrated Development of the Subsurface of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Ecological Academy, expert of the OERN, specialist in the field of integrated subsurface development, geoecology and explosive destruction of rocks. Author of more than 330 scientific works published in Russia and abroad (including 15 monographs, 1 textbook and 43 patents of the Russian Federation) on problems of underground mining of ore deposits, ecological safety of development of the mineral and raw materials complex and explosive destruction of geomaterial. Laureate of the RF Government Prize. Member of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission.
Valery Rogalsky
Mining engineer-geologist, candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, having more than 30 years of experience in Russian and foreign exploration and gold mining companies, author of 27 scientific articles and 2 monographs, responsible executor of more than 10 reports counting reserves for approval in the GKZ and reports on the evaluation of mineral resources under the JORC Code, a member of the working group for the preparation of the NAEN Code, a member of the OERN with the certificate "Competent Person".
Aleksey Gai
General Director of LLC Geo-Project. Mining engineer-geologist. He has many years of experience in the design and construction of enterprises for processing dumps, tailings and off-balance ores by heap and tank leaching, hydrometallurgy. Expert of the Committee on Foreign Economic Relations and International Relations of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation (1992-1993).
Alexander Eremenko
Mining engineer-mechanic. In the course of his professional career, he worked on the development of several deposits of alluvial gold on the territory of Russia and South Africa, and went the way from bulldozerer to chairman of the artel team. He is the creator of a company engaged in geological exploration and gold mining, as well as the production and sale of jewelry.
Main conclusions
Why should you join to our team of gold miners?
Experienced team
We are professional team. We have a lot of experience and know how to do business in the mining industry, We can provide growth of cost and liquidity of assets works and minimize risks.
Developed deposits
Difficult way of basic step of project was done. It consisted of receiving licenses, estimate, exploration, design, and construction approval. Development of deposits is the next production step.
Reliable investments
You have an opportunity to protect yourself from fluctuations of cryptocurrency market and risks of loss of investments by gold providing tokens GDR.
You can buy real gold with considerable discount, up to 60%.
You can exchange GDR for gold coins, ingots, jewelry, equipment, services and stocks of company.
Available participation
You will get the access to the most durable and liquid world market and participation in turnover of gold assets and exploration of mineral.
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